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The start???

I am E-Stim Si. It's not actually my real name, it just something that stuck over time. I run a company called E-Stim Systems Ltd. Back in the dark and distant past (circa 2004), My partner (soon to be my wife!! in May 2008) and I were getting interested in electro-play, namely violet wands and electrosex equipment in general. Unfortunately like a lot of things that adults buy, everything on the market was either too expensive, or a complete ripoff.
Having had a background in electronics design, I cobbled together a circuit, and the pre-pre-pre-pre-prototype of the Series 1was born. Friends saw it and wanted one, and then friend of theirs and very soon I was making more and more of them. 4 years later we now make them on a commercial basis, selling them around the world, as well as 3 other control unit and a whole pile of electrodes and other accessories. In 2006 we moved from our Slough garage/outside workshop, to workshops in Watford (UK), and at the end of 2007, we moved into o…