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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to you all!!

Our offices are now closed for Christmas, our offices will re open on Tuesday January 4th 2011. Meanwhile if you what to beat the VAT increase, order online before January 3rd and we will dispatch your order in the new year.

Wayne, Caz, Jenn, Mick, Chris and Alex.
The E-stim Systems Team

BBB is cancelled

Due to the adverse weather here in the UK, the Birmingham bizarre bazarr has been cancelled. See you all in the new year.


Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd

Christmas is coming

UK last posting dates are fast approaching. Get your order in as soon as possible to ensure delivery before Christmas. This months BBB is the last chance to buy your E-Stim kit in person.

Happy Christmas

Location:Watford,United Kingdom

Shocking behavior on TV's Odd one In


Something new is here

Question what's black and sexy looking, has 17 programs, can be battery or mains operated and can only be seen at the moment at Erotica and BBB??

The 2B. It's arrived...

Available online early this week

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Only a couple of days to go to erotica and it's a mad rush to get everything finished... But we are getting there!!!

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Coming soon

Busy busy busy. Erotica is around the corner and we have some serious surprises brewing :-) Erotica is one not to be missed!!!

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Hot Halloween special

Halloween is nearly apon us so we have a hot Halloween special with our top of the range series 2 now only £225. Get it now while it's still hot!!!! More details


Off to the London fetish faire today... Bargains galore!!!

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Server changes

Due to an IP change on one of our dedicated servers the EU website may be unavailable for the next few hours as the IP change propergates through the Internet. Everything else is working (I think it's just one of those days!!!!)



LFF in august. sunny blue skies and perversity what more could you want?


Another good at LFF. lots of new faces, lots of electro demos, formula 1 on Tv what more could you ask for?

Next week we will at the BBB. see our website for more details.

ETO show pictures

A few pictures from the ETO show

Firstly our stand

The electrode display

And of course the Decimator hiding in the yo-yos.

Programming history

It's interesting how history turns itself around. I saw a piece on the tv today by Sir Clive Sinclair about how back in the 80s the dawn of home computing 10000s of people were programming their computers where now there are so many levels between the user and the hardware that virtually no-one is able to program hardware directly. So we are holdjng the past alive in our own way as we are still working directly with the hardware with our E-Stim Remote and Series 2, albet with a little bit more power than most of the early home computers. However I have no plans (yet!) to get the Series 2 to play Frogger!!


ETO at the NEC

It's that time of year again with the ETO trade show at the NEC in Birmingham.

Today it's setup, opening days are Sunday and Monday this week.

More from odd one in filming

Finally finished the filming with odd one in. Broadcast date is mid July 2010 on itv1.

Chico in full flow

The contestants with me after the filming

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Chico time

What does a traffic warden, a bailiff, a dentist and Chico have in common? Answer they are all in a new TV show being zapped by our E-Stim Remotes.

Should be aired on BBC1 sometime in the summer..

Zap a celeb

Off to london to zap some more celebs for a TV show.

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Another excellent day at LFF, quite busy dispite the draw of mothers day and the start of the grand prix.

It's nice to have a venue with so much atmosphere.

New EU Store online

We have finally released our new E-Stim Systems Euro Store.

Valentine Special

Our new Valentine Special is now on the site... Series 1, Cock Straps and Conductive Rubber loops for the magical price of £99. Offer ends 15th Feb.

and now they are up!!!

All our servers are now working again.


One of the problems of paying Professional Companies for a so called professional serviceis when it all fails they run and hide behind various 'we are aware there is a problem, please leave us alone' messages.

The US and EU sites are currently offline, together with our email system. More details to follow..... the UK site is still running!!!

Things are a changing

We are currently moving our payment systems over to SagePay, as after 5 years of user Worldpay have decided that they no longer want anything to do with adult goods. Our UK site is now using the new system, our US Site is currently offering PayPal, and our EU Site is currently only available with sterling payments (GBP)...All will be back to normal in the next few weeks.