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Happy new year

Finally time to settle down for the new year.. And 2013 is going to be a cracker for e-stim with several new toys in the pipeline.

We are back in the office on Wednesday to deal with the mountain of orders that have come in over the Christmas break....

Happy new year!!!!!

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What I did this Christmas...

Well Christmas Day I re-wrote the intro2him and intro2her manuals, fixed the UK store, fixed the US Store and did a few back end bits.

Boxing Day I started work on the new FAQ system, and the new site front pages, as well as working through my list of things that I still needed to fix... Oh and I had man flu as well.

Amongst all this I had prezzie opening with the kids, Christmas dinner and all the usual Christmas things. So it was a great Christmas!!

Happy Christmas

Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd

Happy Christmas!!!

Christmas is finally here and I'm writing the blog while the Christmas Turkey is cooking. As its now the start of the 12 days of Christmas, we are offering 12% off everything in store until the 5th Jan 2013. Yes 12% off everything!!! So if you are looking for a new 2B, or new electrodes then now is the time!!! Just use the code 12DAYS on checkout.
Retail customers only.

Happy Christmas from everyone at E-Stim Systems Ltd!!!

12 days of Christmas

The 12 days of Christmas Sale starts tomorrow... With 12% off everything... Use code 12DAYS to save!!!! Happy Christmas!!!

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Christmas is finally here

Christmas is finally here!!! our workshops are now closed until Jan 2nd 2013, but keep an eye on our websites, twitter feed and Facebook for some great Christmas offers.

Happy Christmas to everyone!!!

Elves at Christmas

We are working hard to get the last of the Christmas orders out....

Before Santa cums....

Happy Christmas from all the team at E-Stim Systems

40,000 what???

Just had an email order for 40,000 flanges going to a far eastern country... I wonder if it's real???? Since each flange weighs around 250g, thats 4000 x 0.25Kg = 10000Kg which is 10 metric tons... I wonder if I can send that Airsure?


Christmas US Delivery Date extended!!!

Due to unprecendent demand and some sweet talking to our courier company, we have managed to extend our US delivery deadine for Christmas orders. Now if you place your order before 16th December 2012, we will do our best to deliver your order to you via DHL to arrive before Christmas.

This does not include any delays that may be caused by mice eating stock, customs, snow or raindeer on the route.

The UK delivery deadline is still 18th December 2012

Commander Update Released

The next version of Commander2 is now available, can can be found here : Commander Download Pages.

Updates from the previous version are

NEW System Settings system, and they are now saved on exit, and reloaded on entry. Data is saved in startup.datNEW Maximum levels for external level control are now implemented and controlled via Settings MenuNEW Added HTTP control accessBUGFIX reversed C and D slider tags

web internet control for 2B

It has been yet another busy weekend, with Christmas fast approaching, I seem to send more time buying christmas presents that doing the 1000s of other things I need to do. Having fun with my new AppleTV, but I digress.
Commander2 has been quite a hit for our users, with the new interface and PC/Mac options being very popular as well as the Control over the Internet, but something was missing. Nigel over at has done sterling work with both his E-Stim Server systems and a new Android App, but I wanted something more universal.. I use an iPhone so an Android interface is not going to work for me, and Apple wouldn't allow any adult related apps in their store, so I have to come up with something different, so an http interface is the result....

Irts a bit rough around the edges... mode control and power level switching is not yet working, but it does work :-)

It should be released in the next few days.

Android Action

It looks like Nigel over at roughsex has been busy writing code again with his android version!! Our E-Stim 2B controlled by an Android phone... It makes me want to give up my iPhone and buy a nexus!! More details to follow soon, together with some updates on Commander2


November 2012 newsletter

The latest E-Stim newsletter is now out at


Commander2 now available

Commander2™ is now available. Versions available for the PC and Mac, now you can control your 2B across the internet.

Weekend Play

We have had quite a busy weekend, and although I didn't get to work on the code for Commander2, we did manage to have a play at a 'Secret' location with some our our more interesting toys, and we even remembered to take a camera.... some of the results are posted here.

Nipple play is always fun, especially when you can do it safely with our E-Stim 2B, and the BiPolar EClip .The EClip is adjustable, so the clamping pressure can be adjusted to provide just the right level of grip, without causing too much pain - unless that is you plan when you can loosen it off and have the full force of the powerful spring apply.

The Dual pinwheel is fantastic on the surface of the skin, and when it comes to nipples, its even better. The Bipolar design allows the current to flow from one pinwheel to the other and electrifying everything in between with great effect. You just need to remember to use a little conductive gel to make everything just that little bit more fun!!

Hot ABox Action

Miss LexiAveri using our ABox on a Slave

E-stim events

I've just updated the e-stim events page. So if you want to see e-stm in the flesh and have a chat to those that know, why not drop by to one of these events?

Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd

Last posting dates

Last posting dates are now out.... US/Worldwide is December 10th 2012, UK is December 18th 2012.

If you place your order before then, you should get it before Christmas, but remember we have no control over customs or the courier/shipping services.

Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd

The Deviant Family just got bigger

The Deviant has been a top seller for a while, so much so that we have now introduced a smaller and bigger version, all with the same great Ripplehead design, just in different sizes. The smaller version is 1 1/2" diameter and 4 1/4" long, while the Large Deviant is 2" diameter and 6" long.

E-stim remotes in the jungle

Keep an eye on ITVs 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' as our E-Stim remotes are in action zapping celebs yet again in #bushbuddies


Commander 2 update

The Latest version of commander for the e-stim 2B is nearly ready. Local control is working, we are just trying to iron out the glitches with the Internet access system... Yes I said Internet access.
And we are offering PC and Mac versions!!!

Electrics Demo this weekend

Sunday is the electrics demo at the Birmingham bizzare bazaar. Nick will be in attendance with our range of electro goodies, so if you are around be sure to visit him.

Location:Nightingale club, Birmingham


It's been busy here at e-stim HQ with the release of the Vyper, and lots of work on the new Bootloader system for the 2B. When we release the new system, we will hopefully also be offering a Mac Version!!!


Where it all started

E-Stim started back in 2004 in a garage in my garden. (A bit like Hewlett Packard??) We paid a visit today to clear the last of the bits out (We actually moved out a few years ago), so here is where we started....


August is busy!!!

August is always a busy time or us with our annual holiday, as well as going through the process of recruiting new staff. The vyper has been flying off the shelves, as it most of the other goodies we produce, so it's busy busy busy

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New affiliate system now available.

Pro Domme or just interested in e-stim? Do you use e-stim system kit in your work or play? Interested in linking to us? Then have a look at our new affiliate system, with 10% on sales earnings.

Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd
Relaxing after the setup for the ETO show. Three new products are being launched.... The Vyper... Beware it bites!! And two additions to the Deviant family.

Watch this space for more details soon...

Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd

Jubilee day 1

First day of the queens diamond jubilee... And 12% off 20 top items in our store

Guide to Choosing an insertable | E-Stim Electrode Buyers guide | Electrostim | Electrosex

The Quad™

The Quad™ | 4 pole E-Stim Electrode | Electrostim | Electrosex Is now available. Its the first in our Lightweight range to feature 4 contact points and gets very interesting with the 2B.


Just a test to see if google have screwed my account again

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Urethral Electro Sounds now on the new site

Finally got around to getting the new Urethral Electro Sounds | Electro Sounds | Electro Cock Play on the new website.

Customer Reviews!!!

We want to know what you think!!! Customer product reviews are always important and it is hard to find the time to write something when you are so busy having fun!! So we came up with a way to help!

Simply post a customer review on our US/World website and let us know what you think about your favourite product(s). We will then enter you in a monthly draw to win $100 to spend on E-Stim equipment via the website. The draw runs at the end of the month for the next 3 months (April, May and June), and entries will roll over to the next month, so the more reviews you post, the more chance you will have of wining. (See some of the other reviews already posted.)

Let us know what you think!!!

The Small Print
Rules : Up to 5 entries per month, Winner picked at random from all current reviews, Only approved reviews accepted as entries. Winners will be notified by email, and sent a voucher code to use in our online store. No cash alternative. Voucher must be used withi…

Conductive Gel

Conductive gel or 'lube' is something we get asked about on a regular basis so hopefully below we have managed to answer a few of the common questions and given you some advice as to how to get the best out of it.

What is it?
Conductive gel is a water based gel that is electrically conductive. Unlike other gels on the adult market it is designed specifically for medical e-stim use, so you know you are using a quality product that works.

What does it do?
Because of its lubrication and conductivity properties conductive gel will massively improve the e-stim sensation when used with insertables, and is a must when using certain contact electrodes such as our Pin Wheels and Electro Whiskers on dry skin. Remember there is no need to use conductive lube on our sticky pads. It just makes a mess and doesn't work well with the adhesive already present.

How do i use it?
Generally you don't need a large amount of gel, just enough to moisten the area or lightly coat an electrode. Too m…

Something new is coming!

Busy weekend this weekend we have something new in the pipeline. Watch this space!

Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd

Missed BBB :-(

Sadily we missed BBB this month due to a broken propshaft, but it's all fixed now and we will be back next month!!!!


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Firmware update

The latest #2B firmware is out... 2.101 beta. For more detail visit

2b uplinking firmware improvements

The new firmware is coming along nicely, with the new uplink code working better that ever. Hopefully we are now looking at visual status while uplinking, and better recovery from errors.

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Product registration is here!!!

I've finally got around to offering a online product registration system. It's a quick way to keep upto date with our new products and ideas, as well as helping to maintain your lifetime guarantee. It only currently covers our power boxes, but we might extend it to our premium electrodes.

The link is


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2.10 firmware

In work today programming a batch of 2Bs with the new firmware (2.10). I cheated a bit using the uplink software to upgrade the firmware and managed to program 25 units without a problem. Uplink 1.3 is definitely more reliable than previous versions. ( for more details.

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2B Firmware 2.10 BETA released

I've released the new firmware (v2.10) as BETA on the website. It seems to be ok, but please remember its a beta release. This fixes the Throb and Thrust issue as well as a number of other minor glitches.

Valentine cupcakes

As well as some very special valentines offers we have teamed up with the delicious Cherrys Cupcakes, (salted caramel is to die for!!!) and rfor every purchase at the BBB for over £100, you get not one but two handmade cupcakes of your choice. Share with your valentine or just keep them all to yourself - the choice is yours!!!

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New firmware is coming

Its nearly there. I'm doing the final testing for version 2.10 firmware. This will fix the throb and thrust issue, and also pave the way for a number of other future upgrades. If you are finding throb and thrust an issue then 2.10 is for you

Big Brother

Big Brother have been at it again, this time zapping contestants dressed as bumble bees. We have supplied Brother in its various incantations for every BB show in the UK since 2008. Big Brother on YouTube. For more details on our remotes have a lookt at

Website Updates

We have updated the order processing system on our UK and US websites, to give you better indication of the progress of your order. Now if any items are out of stock, you will be sent an email when the items come back into stock, before your order is complete and dispatched.



A good day at BBB today, with a great well attended fashion show. Next month is valentines so visit our stand for some very special offers..... And cupcakes!!!

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Job Advert!!!

Hi All,

just to let anyone who is interested know, we, E-Stim Systems Ltd are looking for an experienced PCB/Assembler to join our team here in Watford,UK. If anyone is interested you can find details at job reference WTF/32475

Closing date is 20/1/2012

Studio today

Shooing the new product images today

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