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Happy Christmas

We are all enjoying the Christmas break, so we hope you are too, but since the website elves work 24/7 365 days a year - we are offering free dispatch on all orders placed between 25th December 2013 and 1st Jan 2014. Just select the free dispatch option on checkout.


P.s. Orders will be shipped from Jan 2nd 2014 when we are back in E-Stim HQ.

Paris :: Staff Training

We have just come back from a day trip to Paris, not for the usual touristy things I might add, but for a staff training session with the great Guys from RoB Paris.
We did time to see the Tower, but the queues were a little long to go up it.

Door Entry System wants to join E-Stim

Well we are still in the process of moving from our old site to the New E-Stim HQ, with all the changes that that entails. We have just had a shiny new phone system and integrated door controller put in, and all was working well - until we discovered that the door controller in its haste to join the E-Stim Team, was answering phone calls!!! Now I know that might be fun for the cold callers, but its not very good for our normally callers, so we soon pressed the right button and all is now happy!!!

Its only Day 5 of our Advent Sale, so don't forget to follow our twitter feed to find out what discounted goodies we are offering today!!!

E-Stim Advent Sale

In the run up to Christmas we are now holding an E-Stim Advent Sale, with a different offer each day, for one day only. Join us on [url=]facebook[/url] or follow our [url=]twitter feed[/url] to find out what is on offer each day!!

To give you a taster the first day (1st Dec 2013 only)  we are offering 50% off the Micro Electrode. Bipolar, small and discreet and very effective!!!

Offers will be posted on Facebook and Twitter around 9am each day, and are valid until midnight that day. Or you can puruse the website to find out what we have in store.

Machinery Move

You remember that birthday present I bought? Well the move from our old E-Stim workshops to our new E-Stim HQ is well underway. Today we have the machinery movers in and everything went really well despite the numpty parking his can in the way. 3 hours later and everything is in place.

Many thanks to all the team for their efforts!!!!

Birthday present?

Here is a question for you - what does the boss of E-Stim Systems buy himself for his birthday? A new car? A boat? A soldering iron? No!! How about new offices, larger workshops and a showroom!! Yes after 3 months of sleepless nights trying to get everything signed sealed and delivered, E-Stim HQ is going to be moving to bigger and better premises! More details soon.


A visitor from Berlin

Its been a fun day today here at E-Stim HQ, catching up with friends, or at least one as Antony from MrB Berlin popped in and paid us a long awaited visit. He loved his E-Stim goodies, but we did have to hide the Decimator from him before he left :-)

Erotica Recovery

I think we have just recovered from the whirlwind of Erotica, with the change of venue, and the logistical nightmare that entails it was all in all a great show for us.

Having the puppies on the stand was fantastic fun and a great demo of our E-Stim Remote and the public clearly loved them :-)

Next year will be biggest better and hopefully less confusing when it comes to finding us on the stand plan!


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Erotica 2013

Erotica is turning out to be rather interesting this year with the change of venue from Olympia to Tobacco dock. Once you get used to the rather non linear layout with most stands in glass walked side rooms it's quite atmospheric!!

It's also curious how we compare to other stands. Everyone on the E-Stim Systems stand actually plays with the kit we sell, so a lot of the advice is from personal experience.... Not from a 5 minute training session given on the first day to a floosy who seems to be employed just because she had big boobies!!!

Whistlestop tour of Berlin

We had a whistlestop tour of Berlin yesterday, with trips to two of our e-stim stockists to say hello and help out with staff training. It was a great day with much fun had by all!!

Mick at the MrB store in Berlin,

And with the team at RoB Berlin.

Both great stores with fantastic staff and well worth a visit!!


Shocking news!!! We have gone mad offering free worldwide delivery for everyone during October 2013. It's SHOCKtober!!!
Use code SHOCK13 on checkout

While I'm away the mouse will play

We had a couple of family holidays booked in August, but look what the staff got upto while I was away....

Erotica Exhibitor: E-Stim Systems

Erotica is coming with a great new venue at Tobacco Dock London and we are going to be there!!!!

Erotica Exhibitor: E-Stim Systems

Hot 20% Offer

With the hot weather here in the UK, we are offering 20% off the E-Stim Remote, until the end of July.
This offer is available on both the UK/EU and US/Worldwide Stores.

One offer per customer, expires midnight July 20th 2013

Learn to be Deviant!!

Be Deviant!

3 sizes. Lifetime guarantee. Need we say more!

Comments on the Series 1

Some great comments from a Dublin based Pro Domme in relation to our Series 1 -

Sale : 2 Days left!!!!

Less than 2 days to go with our US Store having a bit of a sale, with 20% off all electrodes and accessories

Offer ends midnight 7th July (BST)

E-Stim Affiliate System now live

Our new E-Stim Affiliate Program is now live. Earn commission from promoting E-Stim Systems equipment on your website, blog or forum -  Visit for more details.

Great E-Stim Ultra Pack Review

The folks over at have had a play with our E-Stim Ultra Pack and written a great review from a users perspective. Follow this link to find out more.

mikecb's chastity journey: Review: E-stim E-box Series 1 Remote

Another great E-Stim user review - This time it's our E-Stim Remote.

mikecb's chastity journey: Review: E-stim E-box Series 1 Remote: So, as I mentioned in my Gathering post, I purchased an E-stim E-box Series 1 Remote before the Gathering.  I got it, since it's the ...

July 4th Sale

Our US Store is having a bit of a sale, with 20% off all electrodes and accessories as part of the July 4th celebrations.
Offer ends midnight 7th July

Backup Backup Backup!!!

Backup Backup Backup.
It seems that google have written to all adult bloggers with an upcoming change in the T&Cs preventing any attempt at making money our of an adult blog. We haven't had any email, but we don't have any affiliate links running from our blog so we shouldn't have any issues - but we are about to launch an affiliate program - so it might have an effect on you if you are running a blogger blog and have affilate links.

So backup backup and backup again!!!


E-Stim Systems and the BBB

Dear All,

It is with a heavy heart that I can confirm that E-Stim Systems are not going to be returning to the BBB, at least not for the near future. We have had many great times with the customers and the team from the BBB, but as our business grew we found ourselves overwhelmed with orders, and found attending the regular monthly events to be more and more difficult.

Luckily in August 2012, a very good friend Nick from DOM-estics, stepped in and took on the mantle of running the E-Stim Systems stand at the BBB. Sadly as many of you know Nick suddenly passed away recently leaving a massive gap in our lives.

As part of the E-Stim Systems family Nick soon became a invaluable asset. Every month Nick would trundle up to the BBB, get our stand setup and spend his entire day zapping the passing customers and showing people just how much fun electroplay can be. His enthusiasm was infectious. Although the stand was started by Caz and myself, and branded as E-Stim Systems, Nick soon made it …

ETO show

The EStim team are off the the NEC this weekend for the annual Erotic Trade Only show. Come and join us on stand C30 and find out how we can benefit your business!!

ETO is nearly here

With a week to go for the ETO2013 tradeshow at the NEC we are finishing off the last of our goodies. You can find us on stand C30, next to Net1on1, with a stand packed full of the latest in E-Stim technology, as well as freebies galore (did I mention we have 12kgs of chocolate and 10kgs of sweets in our giveaway pots.

Come and chat to us to find out how we can help you - with the largest E-Stim product range in the UK, the majority of which is manufactured here in the UK, we are guaranteed to be able to help - with traditional wholesale, low risk dropship and new affiliate options all available.

See you there!!

Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd

New team member

The E-Stim Systems team has grown by one!! Welcome to Rob Tokolics who has joined us. You should see the results of his labours soon....
Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd

Goodbye Nick

It's a sad thing I have to post when I say that Nick, of DOM-estics fame, a close personal friend, and also a part time employee of E-Stim Systems passed away last Friday.

It was sudden and as far as we know it was unexpected, in fact Nick was in our workshops the day before helping to make our new stands for a show, as well as planning some other events.

Nick was more that just a work colleague he was a friend in all the true senses of the word.

Nick was extremely proud of the fact that he was the in the top ten for E-Stim re-sellers in the world for 2012 - no small feat for someone who spend hours travelling around the fetish shows in the UK. He took over the running of our stand at the BBB when we found we couldn't cope with running E-Stim Systems and running the Fetish faire stand, and he was a credit to his efforts - we would regularly get  positive comments from his customers directly due to his efforts demonstrating at events, and he clearly enjoyed playing.

Nick was al…

Ready for Bed???

Back in my dark and distant past I used to be a professional photographer. It's what makes me so hard to work with when it comes to artwork - I know what I like.

From time to time I take some images that I really like....I don't do brash and flashy I do.....subtle..

2B and Deviant from my personal collection.

Review rewards

Everyone is interested in what other people think, and we are no different. Post a review on our site, and get free shipping off your next order.


Various terms and conditions apply, see website for details...

Madness Yes 20% off!!!

Madness!!! Yes we must have gone mad... why else would we be offering 20% off all our Electrodes over the May Bank Holiday?????

One voucher per customer, offer expires midnight on Monday 27th May 2013Only available on UK/EU site.

More offers

We love our customers both old and new, so we have now spent some time installing a new mailing system designed to offer you even more. It might mean you get one or two extra emails from us (but without filling your inbox up with spam), but we are going to be offering you much more..more deals, and more special offers.

As an example, if you take the time to place a review on our site, then you might find a little extra present from us in your inbox.

Of course if you don't want to receive anything more from us, just click the link that appears on the bottom of all our system emails and we won't bother you again.


Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd
Location:United Kingdom

BBB this weekend!!!!

The full E-Stim team is going to be at the BBB this weekend (Sunday). Come and see Wayne with his London Marathon medal, as well as lots of our E-Stim goodies.

Twitter discounts

Interested in fantastic discounts on E-Stim equipment? Then consider following our e-stim twitter feed. get upto 50% off our products with our stunning one off time limited discount offers.

Back in Stock!!!

The Veriprobe and the Intro2Electro for Her packs are now back in stock!!!!!

Marathon Week

It's been a busy week, with Wayne the Boss, running 26.2 miles as part of the London marathon, (about 5.5 hours if you are interested), together with some great feedback with the new 2B 2.104 firmware release.

2.105 is on its way, with custom startup setting being the first new features to appear.


2.104 released

The 2B Digital Link Interface has now been released. So if you want to update 2.09 or 2.103 then you can, and the new system works on a modern Mac or PC

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Remotes on TV!!!

Our E-Stim Remotes strike horror into TV audiences again, this time tonight (Friday 5th April 2013 at  9pm) on channel 4 - Alan Carr's Grand National Experience. I'm not sure what they have planned...but it's bound to be electrifying!!!

2.104 is nearly there...want an advanced copy???

2.104 is passing the final test, and should be released as an update very soon. As well as a couple of minor bug fixes, its the first 2B firmware that runs off the new bootloader system, which allows you to update your 2B quickly and easily directly from your PC and or Mac!!

If you running older versions (2.09 and 2.103) then you will need to install the new bootloader first (we will provide instructions) , and this is the only slightly risky bit..if it fails then you have to replace the IC or return it to use for a workshop upgrade, but the risk, based on our testing is quite low, and certainly much lower than the risks involved in the older Uplink System.

Once the bootloader is installed it then simply sits in the background, only appearing when you want to update the firmware, and it makes the Firmware updates much easier and more reliable

Interested? Well obviously you need a 2B, the Digital Link System, and then drop me an email for a copy of the new code.


Easter working

It's going to be a busy Easter, with only 3 weeks to go to the London marathon I'm trying to fit in my training ( have you sponsored me??) , a bit of scuba diving, and we are finishing up the testing on the new version of Uplink, together with the new 2B firmware. All appears to be working, I just need to sort out the manuals... And yes you can update from 2.09!!!!


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UpLink 2 on its way

We are now doing the final production testing of the new firmware for the 2B version 2.104. The biggest change is this is out first implementation of our new bootloader system so updates are far more reliable and considerably easier to apply, and we are offering the update in a Mac version as well as PC.

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Busy weekend

It's a busy weekend this weekend, with Nick manning our stand at the Birmingham bizzare bizzar on Sunday, Caz is running 2.4km in the green park challenge and I'm running a half marathon around Reading.

I might even get some time to play with the new code for the 2B... Yes it's coming!!!!


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Bootable 2b

Busy day today. The new bootloader is working with to be released soon 2.104 firmware.. I just need to finish Uplink2 and get it out to the test team. The result will be a software updateable 2B that is difficult to 'brick' ... You can even unplug the link during the update and all you need to do is restart the bootloader ... Then I can move onto adding all the new bits planned for the 2B watch this space!!!


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And & Dec Try Electrogolf

TV Starts Ant and Dec try out the new sport of 'ElectroGolf' with our e-stim remotes.

Busy packing

It's been a busy day at E-Stim HQ, with the electricians in fitting the supplies for some new hard core packing machines, and then our new sexy labels arrived.

Watch this space for some new packaging.

Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd

LAM demos and training

Well Nick from DOMestics will be at the LAM this weekend with a electrics demo at 2pm on Sunday, about the same time I will be running in a half marathon around silverstone race track as part of my London marathon training....

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Day off

Actually having a day off today as its wifie's birthday today... But normal service will resume soon

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Valentines is running out!!!

Our #valentine special is still running on our premium #estim electrodes!!!! But not for long!!!!

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New things are afoot in the e-stim camp... We are moving into bigger workshops with over 20% more space for our e-stim goodies.

Meanwhile don't forget we are currently offering 14% off all of our premium electrodes until valentines stay.


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Love is....

True love is supposed to last forever, just like our range of Premium Electrodes. And now to celebrate Valentine's day we are offering 14% off our entire range of premium electrodes until February 14th 2013 - The ideal gift for you or your partner - and yes that does include a lifetime guarantee.

BBB today

It's the rescheduled BBB today, so why not pop by and see Nick on the Estim stand upstairs?


BBB date change

Due to adverse weather the Birmingham Bizzarre Bizzaar has been moved to the 27th January 2013.

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E-Stim Remotes in action

The E-Stim Remotes are in action again on UK TV's BigBrother

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New colour manuals.

We are working our way through our manuals, in an attempt to make them easier to read and more user friendly - and they are now in colour. The first on the list to be completed has been the Intro2Electro for Her.... Let us know what you think - the new Intro2Electro for Her manual can be downloaded by clicking the link.
Wayne Allen
Director E-Stim Systems Ltd

Back in the office

Back in the office today with a mountain of orders... Our 12 days of Christmas offer has turned out to be massively popular!!! So if you have ordered please be patient!!! And if you missed it... You should be on our mailing list.

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E-Stim Remotes on NYE

We have been busy zapping celebs this new years Eve, with Johnathan Ross, Gok Wan, Jimmy Carr and Christine Bleakley all being subject to the E-Stim Remote (keep an eye out for  Alan Carrs Whip with the E-stim key fob attached. Look around 50 minutes onwards.

While over on E4, 'Made in Chelsea - Never mind the poshtoffs'  Jamie and Cheska are getting zapped. the fun starts around  55 minutes.