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Sexhibition - a traders view

Well Sexhibition, the Erotic Event of the Year,  is now done and dusted and quite frankly it was an amazing event. Many visitors and bloggers have written reviews from a visitors perspective, the organisers will of course only admit that any event they run was perfect, but you don't often see it from the traders point of view, hence this blog post.

We (E-Stim Systems) have been trading at retail events big and small for the past 11 years, from the likes of BBB, LAM and LFF to Erotica and major several events overseas, so we do have some experience as to what works and what doesn't, and I can say that the Sexhibition team pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat and produced an outstanding event.

So it all started on Friday...

We rocked up on Friday afternoon with a packed van after a rather long drive from Watford and a small incident with a stone and a windscreen.

Once we arrived at Event City in Manchester, we sat in the car park queue for a bit and then managed to get a s…

Sexhibition is go!!

Yup it's the start of Sexhibition weekend, with the hall looking good - black is such a sexy colour, and our stand looking even better.

So if you are around in Manchester this weekend, then why not pop around to Event City and see us on stand A53 for some stonking show deals...

The Red Collection is here!!

The long awaited new Red Collection is now available.

With new 3 curvy electrodes, the Bobble, The Small Flo and Large Flo the Red Collection is as effective as it is good looking.