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The ElectroPebble hits Leeds

The stunning ElectroPebble has now hit Nice'N'Naughty Leeds

The ElectroPebble has reached Expectations

The New ElectroPebble has now reached the guys at Expectations in London. Why not drop in for a demo?

2B.014 Beta Firmware

New Beta Firmware for the 2B has now been released - thats 2 releases in 2 days!!!

have a look at for more details.

You might need to join the developers forum for full access, but it is free!!


Review | E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble


Brighton here we come

The #estimroadshow begins We are going to be in #Brighton today at Nice N Naughty Brighton with our new ElectroPebble and free #PicNMix - from 5pm till late.